Target with Littles

Have you ever walked inside Target with a list of 5 things and wondered, “What the heck am I doing here with 2 toddlers?” We all know that your list of 5 things is never just 5 things and it’s never just a quick 5 minute trip in and out. After several failed trips. After several trips full of threats and bribes, I realized I needed to set myself up for success BEFORE the trip went sideways, HA!

So I start each trip at Target with a treat for the kids. I get them an icee and popcorn and allow them to eat their snack while I go through the aisles. If I need more than just a few things and have to get groceries. I bring the iPad. Let’s be real over here, this is survival sometimes! Because I usually am on a budget, I try to stick to what I need and when those things include groceries, I know we will be up and down several aisles. The iPad provides a quiet distraction for the kids so I can focus on what I need and check out without the kids fighting or killing each other on top of the conveyor belt! (It's happened before!)

The trips are more peaceful for us all, the kids are happy and we all get in and out of Target (or whatever store) without feeling exhausted. That’s a mom win, if you ask me!