Summer Bucket List

Summer is such a sweet time with our littles! But all of us moms find ourselves with extra time with our kids and a need to do fun things and get outside. Last year I started a fun tradition with the kids where we do one activity a day with a theme. Like a “Summer Bucket List” It was so easy to accomplish, made me feel like I did something fun and productive with the kids. It helped me have a plan each day but still the flexibility to do play dates and beach trips with the kids.

This will help you have a plan for summer and allow you to get creative with the kids. It gives a theme to each day, Monday thru Friday and get the whole Family involved in creating fun ideas to do together. Here’s the theme for each day and some ideas we’ve done in our home that got us through last summer. Because #momlife is real, I have written a few of our summer plans for you so you can steal them, tweak them, or come up with your own. These are my favorite recipes, craft ideas and activities that I found on Pinterest. Either way, we are in this together and it’s so fun to know that together we can make this summer a great one for our littles!

Make Something Monday

Taste Something Tuesday

Wonder Somewhere Wednesday

  • Water Parks

  • Zoo

  • Park Playdates with Friends

  • Scavenger Hunt Hike

  • Indoor Playgrounds to Escape the Heat

  • Local Splash Pads, public pools

Do Something Thoughtful Thursday

  • Make cards for friends and send in mail, have kids practice addressing and putting on stamps

  • Practice kindness with strangers at the grocery store, holding doors, shaking hands, saying hi

  • Clean up toys for each other

  • Read books to each other

  • Help mom with chores around house

Family Fun Friday

  • Drive In

  • Movies as a family

  • Park Date after Dinner

  • Walk around neighborhood

  • Play catch outside

  • Go camping, set up tent in backyard and pretend you are out camping in the wild

Take this poster and send it to Costco or Staples to get printed in a poster size. Then take it to get laminated. I took mine to Lakeshore School Supply to get laminated. It was cheap and done well. It cost me about $10 to print and laminate it. This way I was able to use dry-erase markers and write each weeks activities in advance. I hung ours in a common area in the kitchen on the pantry door by the fridge. The kids loved waking up each day and asking what activity we were doing. Or you can print it out at home and fill it in each week and toss it and hang a new one the next week. However you decide to do it, is up to you, but just get excited about how you are doing it! Write me on Instagram and let me know what ideas you came up with. I would love to share with others what you came up with and how your littles and doing summer fun in your home!

Have fun!

xo, Sammi