Stay At Home Mom... with a College Degree

I often get asked “Sammi, Do you think going to college was a waste of time and money, since you just stay home now?” Umm, no I don’t actually. My first thought to this is “JUST” a stay-at-home mom? If the other person only really knew the power in that word “JUST”.  I sometimes want to answer back, “Well, I’m JUST a stay-at-home mom, who JUST changed about 10 diapers, JUST made 3 home-cooked meals, JUST paid all our utility bills online while making breakfast, I JUST washed and dried 5 loads of laundry today, JUST picked up about 1000 legos off the ground, managing not to step on any; while simultaneously watching my kids dump out the remainder of their toy bins in their reenactment of hulk-smash. I JUST mopped spit up off the floor, JUST read the same dinosaur book 3 times before naps, then JUST negotiated with two tiny dictators about the importance of taking a nap, JUST played about 25 games of hide-and-go seek, JUST wiped down both bathrooms, JUST ran the vacuum before my husband got home, JUST brushed my teeth at 4pm because I’ve been on the go since 5am, JUST took my son to baseball practice, JUST kept the kids alive and happy for 12 hours straight alone… So, no I’m not JUST a stay-at-home mom, I way more than that! But also, yes, I am a stay-at-home mom and I’m proud of it. 

I’m proud of raising my kids and being with them to guide them in their daily decisions in this big world. I’m thankful that God chose me and I’m thankful for the bond and attachment I’m forming with my boys. I’m thankful I get to nurse them, nurture them, fix their ouchies, hold them when they are tired or upset. I’m thankful I don't miss a thing. Is it hard?... yes. Is it worth it?... also yes. I’m happy I’m able to have the choice to stay home or go to work. I could do either, but I choose to stay home. I’m thankful for a hardworking husband who works hard and supports my calling to stay home with the boys. Do I find my identity in being a mom?… HECK YES! But do I also find my identity in having a college education?... yes. Do I like working?... yes. Do I miss it?... sometimes. Do I daydream about being at work for 8-hours a day, having adult conversations, listening the radio with the windows down and drinking warm cups of coffee?... yes. But I wouldn’t trade anything for my life now. 

I went to college and obtained my degree in Child & Family Studies. So, in a way yes I’m using my college degree. I use it everyday when I’m raising my boys. Do I get a paycheck?... no. But one day I will go back to work and use my college degree, I will pull from the knowledge I obtained during those 5 years at Cal State LA. I wouldn’t ever change going to college, graduating, then soon after getting married and starting a family. Would I like to change my student loans?... YES. But I know the importance of my education and I know it’s being put to good use. 

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. And I know that God called me out of the workplace and into the home. This season while my kids are little, is a time I will never get back. I’m happy to accept the calling and do my best in raising these strong, caring and independent little humans. It’s the highest honor to be called mama and there’s nothing I would change about it!