Raising Little Meteorologists

This week we started a 4-week unit on Weather. We are using the “Wild Weather” Curriculum from Carla @EverydayLearnAndPlay. I love the simplicity of each activity she has planned and how easy it is to prep, plan and execute with the boys. I downloaded and prepared the whole months activities in 2 hours. This included printing, cutting and laminating different activities like sight words, lacing cards, and tracing activities.


The boys were so excited to wake up and check what it looked like outside. To our surprise, we woke up Monday Morning to rain! I’m thankful for the change in the weather this week, it has made for some really fun exploring outside. The boys documented wind, rain and clouds today on their clipboards. We reviewed our memory verse, calendar and then headed to the library to check out books about weather.

Carla has suggested some books that go with the activities, but we could only find a few of the recommended reads at our library. It wasn't a problem though because we were able check out other books about wind, rain, snow and storms. The boys loved going to the library, looking for weather books, (this meant pictures of snow, rain or clouds) and checking out the books with our library card.  One of my favorite parts about this curriculum is that I didn't have to find those exact books to be successful with these lessons, I was able to just find books about weather that we can read all month long and the boys will get familiar with different weather words and meteorologist terms.

I’m so excited to continue to do these activities with the boys this month. This download only cost $10 and I now have a month's worth of activities to do with the boys.