Making waiting in line, FUN at Disneyland!


We all know that waiting in line at Disneyland is inevitable. So, how do you survive an hour long wait in line with 2 toddlers? Activities! I packed a backpack full of activities that we could carry in line and let the boys choose something to do while we waited in line. In the backpack, I packed color books, lacing cards, flashcards, sight words, markers and snacks! Each line I let the boys pick something they wanted to do and have a snack of choice. They felt like they got to choose what they did in line and were entertained. To be honest, they wanted to nap and be held for some lines so I only had to keep them engaged for a few lines, it was great!

One of the boys favorite things to do right now are the Melissa and Doug On-the-Go  “Water Wow” Activity Pads that I bought on Amazon. The boys love to use these in the car and when we are running errands. You fill the pen with water and as they color, the picture is revealed. So fun!

I also packed the boys flashcards and sight words that we have been working on at home They think these are fun and love to show how many animals they know and what sounds they make. We made this a fun competition and we all got involved in guess the sounds of each animal. Gradey loved that he was able to keep up with Asher while we blew through the pack of flashcards! I got these flashcards from the Dollar Spot at Target, they come in hand when we need a fun and fast activity that I know the boys will enjoy and be successful at completing.

Another fun activity that Asher loves right now are lacing cards. I have ones that are shaped like animals and that makes it fun for the boys. Asher chose a zebra and his uncle helped him lace the shoestring through the holes. It kept him busy and he enjoyed doing it together!


We made up several games and played “Ispy” several times throughout the day. Asher has finally gotten the hang of how to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and it is so fun to watch his thought process on choosing which he will pick, so he can win each hand. Its my favorite thing to do with him right now. Playing this in line made the time go by so fast and never gets old to me (or Asher).

Being at Disneyland for the first time was so entertaining in itself for the boys, they enjoyed looking for pictures of Mickey Mouse and finding characters in the decor. Disney does a great job and making the day fun for families and kids. The boys never asked for our phones to watch a show or said they were bored. They were so engaged with all that was happening around them at all times. The day was truly magical in all ways!