Keepin' your Kids Busy during Summer!

You may have heard me recently talking about these cool things I’ve started with the boys everyday. We are implementing less TV time and more “hands-on” intentional parenting with the boys this summer. One of the things we decided to do because of this, was to start our “Summer Basket”. Many people call these “Morning Baskets” or “Activity Baskets”. All of these are cohesive with each other and I may interchange the name based on what’s in them or what we are doing. The point of this basket is to give the kids a slew of activity options to choose from so that they can stay entertained and engaged throughout the day. 

I had so many things around the house that I picked up here or there over time and so I gathered all the coloring books, school workbooks, all the playdoh, all the paint packs and put them in a pile. I made a list of some of the boys favorite things that I knew would catch their eye sitting in this basket everyday and went to Target and Dollartree to grab some things. I grabbed 2 lap chalkboards from the dollar spot at Target, as well as sight words packs and water balloons. I knew I wanted a good sturdy basket that would carry lots of things and would last a while so I splurged on this cute wire basket from Hearth & Home at Target. 

This is what my basket looks like…


What you need:

  • Big basket

  • Coloring book

  • Crayons

  • Flashcards- shapes, numbers, letters and sight words are what I started with

  • Melissa and Doug Paint books

  • Modeling Clay

  • Water Balloons

  • Whatever you can get your hands on! haha

I will add and subtract things all summer long so the boys don't get bored and stay interested in what we have planned for the day. We are already on round 2 of refilling the basket with different things. I’m thinking I may call this the “I’m bored basket” because my kids think that if they tell me they are bored I will put a show on Netflix for them. I’ve been telling them to “Go find something in the basket” and it usually works as a good distraction. Ha! Mom Win!

Send me your pics of the items you put in your baskets, I’m always looking for new ideas!