How to Survive Disneyland with 2 Toddlers

A mom's worst nightmare is going to a crowded place with your 2 toddler boys who love to run and get into everything! So many things ran through my head when I thought of what to pack and how to keep the kids with us and we made our way through all the lines and crowds of people at Disneyland. I wanted to have what they needed if they got hungry or hurt, or needed something. And even though we were going to the park with 6 adults, (which totally helps with having that many set of eyes) I knew I needed things with me that would help keep the boys comfortable and keeping their needs met in this new place.

I love making lists, it helps keep me organized, allows me to see what it is I need, and I feel accomplished as I check the things off the list as I pack them. And to be real, as a mom you cant sit down and make a list in one sitting. You know you are writing down a few things, cooking dinner. Writing down a few things, making the kids a snack, while putting a band-aid on an owie. Then a few more things come to mind, like packing the first aid kit and making sure your prepared for any cuts or scrapes. And for me, I remember most when I’m in the shower, so I need my list so I can write things down throughout the day.


Here’s what my list looks like for Disneyland:

  • Sunscreen

  • Medicine: tylenol, Benadryl (Gradey is allergic to peanuts) Gradey ended up breaking out in hives after we were at Disneyland for 5 minutes! Still not sure what caused it but we definitely we’re glad to have these things I packed on hand!

  • Mini First Aid Kit

  • Hand Sanitizer Spray

  • Diapers and Wipes

  • Jackets

  • Change of clothes- sweats and shirt

  • Hats

  • Ergo Baby Carrier

  • Stroller

  • Water Bottles

  • Ice chest

  • Snacks

  • Lunch

  • Busy activities

One things I didn’t want to do was over pack for just a day trip and have to lug all this stuff around. So the list kept me focused, I didn’t forget anything and I must say I actually think we used everything I brought!